03/16 (Thur.)

I went to Alayeska Resort, girdwood, AK these days. It was the place I had schus-sout. It's so nice to be there again. Then we drive down to Anchorage for 5 hours. It's very long. My legs were tired! I went there with my consultant's family. I have moved to my consultant's since last Thursday. Anyway, I went there and have a good time. Although I didn't ski or snowboarding. I stayed in the hotel and did nothing. I need to rental the skiings and the pass. It's totally 60 dollars/ day. I am not going to do that ever! I played video games and watched movies. It's kind of wasting time. And, my consultant didn't ski, either.

I met many people, like my consultant's nehpews, friends etc. There were so many people! The place was messed up by these guys. Okay, I lost my Aigle's heavy gloves there. I couldn't find it in the hotel. I doubled check it, but still. Someone might pack it up by accident. Crud! Who knows! I am lucky spring is coming. It's not as cold as winter. Oh well, I am so sorry!

The view was very, very beautiful during driving. The view which I had ever seen! The moutains, mooses, the sun and the rocks. The high way was built between the moutains. It should be a national park! It was awesome! Man! I should take some pictures, but I didn't.

Okay! It's a fun trip without I lost my gloves. Everything just hard to do while living with the other 5 guys. The rooms between adult and children are completly different. I want to say "Why? Why am I here?" sometimes, just joking.

Something is really strange that I met two of my classmates in a shopping mall, Anchorage. My legs were tired so I found a place to sit. Then both of them went pass me and of course said hi. If, I keep walking, I won't never meet them there! Awesome! It's so cool!

Today is the day after we came back from Alayeska. I went to the internet place(We call it "internet coffee") with my consultant's sons. And it is so expensive. I paid 10 dollars for 2 hours. Oh my god! Too expensive! Then I played Battle Field 2 there. I got killed all the time. Hey! It's my first to play it! I know that now. It's very expensive to use high speed internet for games etc.

By the way, I borrow another 10 dollars for my lunch when I was in Anchorage. I wasted too much money and lost my gloves in two weeks. No!!

About the plans of this month and next, I will go to RYLA which is a kind of leadership from 03/30~04/02. I am going to move to my next host family on this Sunday. I am very busy!

The tickets of West Coast Tour doesn't include in the cost. So I want to try to find some money to buy the tickets to CA and back here. I will try to cook some Chinese dumplings and sell it to Rotarians. I guess I can do that. I need to ask my next host mom! I also need to get the tickets from FAI to ANC and to TPE. Should I just check the online-book and get it? Do I need to pay, or not? I will go to China airline and Alaska airline to get more information. Please tell me when I can arrive CKS int. airport would be better.

How is everyone going now? I know mom is going to Greece. I would like to know if Sally who is my sister can send me her notebook(computer) to me. But it has to be cheap and she doesn't need it anymore.

Oh right, I am really busy these weeks and I am sad about the cost and my gloves. I am writing my blog by my consultant's computer which was full of viruses and cleaned up by me. I am so proud of me! I can't type Chinese here but I can read! Anyways, have a good day, kid!

I clicked the wrong button so I need to retype it again. OH! It was so terrible! Don't do that again!

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